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Halloween... Mountain Style!

Halloween excites both old and young alike. Costumes, decorations, spooky tales... it really can be fun for all.

Have you got your costume set for the upcoming weekend's trick or treating or trunk or treat event? If not, consider adding a touch of the mountains! Why not go with a Daniel Boone outfit? Are you familiar with his history?

Daniel Boone is both icon and legend in Appalchia. He was a trailblazer and helped establish early settlements in present day Kentucky. Despite poor luck at real estate and in business, he remained an admirable figure in the US. In 1820 a full length portrait of him was made and displayed in the Kentucky state capital. In the painting he was given the classic frontiersman look with a fringed hunting shirt, leggings, and moccasins.

Here comes the fun facts you can use to entertain your guests or fellow trick or treaters!

In the portrait Daniel Boone held a beaver skin hat. He actually disliked coonskin caps and found them unstylish. Prints were made of this painting and an actor by the name of Noah Ludlow was hired to help sell them. This actor had difficulty finding a beaver skin hat so he substituted a coonskin hat. His performance was so will received the image with the coonskin hat stuck!

Grab a pair or khakis, a tan shirt, and this coonskin hat for a simple Daniel Boone costume!

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