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What's in a Name

We spent quite a lot of time on our name. Do we keep the name Zydeco Moon? Do we change it? What do we change it to? In the end, we decided that since this will be our forever home, giving it a name with meaning to us was important.

How do you name something that's going to be a part of your legacy? Where do you even begin? It became evident right away that we wanted to incorporate elements of our own history into the name. Despite our predominantly German heritage, when your last name is Hanlin you can't help but focus on the Irish part! We scoured the internet for gaelic words that would capture the essence of the land and of our family. While that was a noble idea, we quickly realized that Gaelic pronunciations were only going to cause problems. Then we stumbled upon "gael", which comes from the ancient Gaelic word “Goídel” meaning “Irishman” or "of Irish descent". Then suddenly it all came together: "Lin" from Hanlin and "Gael" meaning of Irish descent. And there you have it: Lingael Farm!

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