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August 31, 2017

Day 1. Everyone has to start somewhere. After years of dreaming and 3 years of searching, we've found THE place for us... the place to call our forever home. The timing may not completely match up, but when you visit for the first time, you will understand: the cool mountain air, the crisp water of Helton Creek, the lull of the sounds of nature. Come in June or July and be dazzled by the night time light show from the fireflies.

Lingael Farm (formerly Zydeco Moon Farm) popped into our radar in June. As we drove around the bend of Big Helton Road and saw the base of it for the first time, we instantly fell in love. Zydeco Moon was lovingly created by Joe and Sally, who purchased the property in 2004. It was their vision that brought to the property an organic farm certification, 2 vacation rental cabins, and a cute glamping site. We plan to continue their vision while crafting it into our own.

We look forward to sharing the many ups and downs of our new adventure and hope you follow along.

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