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We Jumped Right In

We've been at this farm life thing now for a few weeks and, for the most part, it is going well! However, here's a snapshot of a few things that have gone wrong:

1. We broke the tractor.

2. We tore up one of the irrigation hoses. (I guess this happens often?!)

3. We mismanaged our first cabin turnover and had wet towels still drying when our guests arrived. Oops!

4. The cover crop seeds had to be ordered so we are behind planting them. Hairy vetch, anyone?

5. The tractor broke... again!

Here's the beautiful thing about mistakes: we get to learn from them! Additionally, we continue to meet new neighbors and "friends of Helton Creek" and let me tell you, these people are kind, generous, and have a wealth of knowledge. If they can't help, then they most assuredly know someone that can. We've heard stories about what the farm was 60 years ago and about what life was growing up on the creek in the 40s. All of these things only add validity to our decision that this property was right for us and that we should simply jump right in.

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